Use FH Staff Scheduling

Once you have activated FH Staff Scheduling, configured it, and set up schedules and shifts, you are ready to use it to manage the schedule on a day-to-day basis. FH Scheduling provides a console you can use to enter exchanges between staff members and exceptions to the normal schedule, transfer the schedule to the station roster, access an individual staff member's schedule, create activities, and more.


Specify the schedule, date, time, and shift to work with

Display or hide information about the shift

Limit data display to what is current at the specified time

Add staff members to a shift

Add a staffing exchange or exception

Approve a staffing exchange or exception

Reassign a staff member on a shift

Delete a staff reassignment

Request time off

Request an extended leave

Transfer schedule information to the station roster

Create an activity

Update staff activities as automated tasks during a shift

Enable the automated task processor

Edit or delete an activity

Print a schedule from the Scheduling Console dialog box

Display an individual's schedule