Work with account records

Account records contain basic information such as contact names, addresses, notes, attachments, and more. Account records also let you define payment responsibility for the invoices, generate invoices for the billable events, track payments made, and refund overpayments when necessary.

You can associate an account record with billable event records. All invoices, payment responsibility, and payments for a billable event must be linked to an account record. Invoices are created using the account record contact information, and are itemized according to the lookup codes for the invoice items.

Every billable event must have a payment responsibility assigned to it. Billable events are: 

  • Incident responses
  • Occupancy inspections/activities/violations
  • Permit issuance
  • Hydrant activities
  • Training events
  • Staff activities

Invoices for an account record can be generated for:

  • Occupancy and multiple-occupancy properties, when incident responses, occupancy activities and inspections, or permits are added to occupancy records.
  • Department/investigating agencies, when mutual aid records are added to NFIRS incident records.
  • Hydrants, when hydrant activities are added to hydrant records.

The following entities can be assigned a payment responsibility:

  • An occupancy
  • A multiple-occupancy property
  • A department/agency
  • A hydrant

Payment responsibilities can overlap, but only one payment responsibility is used when invoices are created. Payment responsibilities added from billable events take precedence, then other payment responsibilities are used.


Add a new account record

Open an existing account record

Add phone numbers, email addresses, and Internet URLs to an account record

Add supplemental history to an account record

Work with account contacts

Add payment responsibility to an account record

Add, edit, or delete an invoice on an account record

Add or edit a payment or refund on an account record

Lock an account record

Print an account record

Delete an account record

Merge two account records

Create an account record from an occupancy record