Merge two account records

  1. (If one is not open already) Open an existing account record.
  2. Choose Form → Merge Account Master Records.

    The Query dialog box appears.

  3. Use the dialog box to find and select an account record.

    The Merge Accounts dialog box appears.

  4. Over the account record summaries in the dialog box, select Merge to this account over the record you want the information to end up in.

    By default, all information from the account record you just selected will be merged with the information in the other account record currently displayed in the Merge Accounts dialog box. If you select Merge to this account over the other account summary, the information in the account record in the Merge Accounts dialog box is merged with the account record you just selected.

  5. Select either Delete this Account or Hide this account to indicate what to do with the account record that is merged.

    Hidden records can be accessed, by default are hidden from browse and report queries. Deleted account records are permanently removed.

  6. Click OK.

    A prompt dialog box appears, summarizing how the merge will affect the account records.

  7. Carefully review the information in the dialog box, and then click Yes.

    The account records merge.

  8. In the Account dialog box, click Close.