Add Staff Member

Staff records includes basic information about the staff member and is also used to associate specific staff members with department activities, equipment master records, and many other detail records such as occupancy inspections, and hydrant flow tests.

At a minimum, you should add base staff information for every staff member who will respond to incidents.

  1. From the File menu, select the Staff Members option.
  2. (If the Staff form with the last modified record is opened) Press New (or Ctrl + N) to add a new record
  3. (If a blank Staff form is opened) Enter a new staff member.
  4. (If the Query form is displayed) Press Cancel.
  5. Type the staff member’s ID in Staff ID, or press the Tab keyboard key to have FH automatically assign an ID (if enabled from the Administration menu, Administrative Options option in the Database section Key Counters section).

    Note: Staff ID should not be based on information that will change over time. If there is a department assigned ID that changes over time (for example, a code based on rank) use the Alternative ID field to track this department assigned ID.

  6. Type an Alternate ID.

    This is a secondary ID that can contain additional identification information for the staff member.

  7. Type the number of miles this staff member lives from their station in Miles to Station.
  8. Complete address information as needed.

    Group select forms used to select multiple staff members (for example, members that respond to incidents) include criteria fields used to filter the list of available staff members to display all staff associated with specific criteria.

    Example: Station, Shift, and Unit.

    When Station, Shift, or Unit fields for the staff member record are left blank, the staff member will still be included in the Group Select list even if a specific station, shift, or unit criteria is specified in the group select (since the member could be assigned to the Station, Shift, and Unit).

    If values are entered in the staff member's Station, Shift, and Unit field and station, shift, or unit criteria is specified for the group, the staff member is not included in the list unless station, shift, or unit criteria match the values in the staff member’s record.

  9. Type or lookup the FDID the staff member is associated with.
  10. Type or lookup the EMS Service#.
  11. Type or lookup the Station and Shift the staff member is assigned to.
  12. Type or lookup the Unit code the staff is assigned to (if the staff member is assigned to a single unit).
  13. Type or lookup Rank and Effective Date.

    Rank is not included in group select criteria.

  14. Type or lookup Status and Effective Date.

    Status is typically used to distinguish between inactive, volunteer, part-time and full-time employees.

  15. Type or lookup Date of Birth, Hire Date, Adjusted Hire Date, and if the staff member is no longer in service, End Service Date.

    Adjusted Hire Date can be used to reflect when a designation took effect.

  16. Add phone number and emails as needed.

    1. Press then enter the staff member’s published Phone Numbers Type, Phone Number, and Extension.
    2. Click the Email/Internet Addresses tab, then press and enter the staff member’s email Address.
  17. Add additional information as needed, then save and close record.


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