Add Training Class

  1. From the File menu, select the Training Classes option.
  2. (If the Training Class form with the last modified record is opened) Press New (or Ctrl + N) to add a new record.
  3. (If a blank Training Class form is opened) Enter a new record.
  4. (If the Query form is displayed) Press Cancel to add a new record.
  5. In Start Date, enter the date the class will be conducted.

    You can enter a historic date, a future date, or keep today's date (automatically inserted).

  6. Type or lookup a Category.

    The description associated with the selected training category is inserted into Class Description.

  7. Change the Class Description if necessary.
  8. Type or lookup the Agency providing the training.
  9. Type a Dept Course Number.

    Example: Catalog numbers or other IDs assigned to the particular training class.

  10. Press Instructors to add all instructors teaching the class.

    The values you add to the Default Values area fields are added to each staff member record added for the activity.

  11. Edit the values for specific participant detail records.

    1. Type or lookup the Station, Shift, Unit of staff members added to the activity. If most staff share a particular station, shift, or unit, use these fields. These fields can be left empty.

    2. Type the Hours Worked for staff members added to the activity (can be different than hours paid).
    3. Type the Credit Points to add to each staff member record added for the activity. If necessary, you can edit the values for specific participant detail records.
    4. Type the CEU (continuing education units) assigned for attending the training class.
    5. Check Attendance Required if attendees are required to attend the training class.
    6. Select any combination of Fire, Rescue, Medical, Other depending on the type(s) that best describe the activity.
    7. Add Payroll Calculation area information. Information on pay calculations is available in Pay.
  12. Add training class participants in one of these ways.

  13. Complete remaining fields as necessary.
  14. Add notes about the training class into the Notes section.

    The training class objective is typically entered into the notes field.

    A default objective can be added to the Training Categories code, and when the code is added to a new training class, the default objective is inserted into the training class notes.

  15. Add user fields, attach files, complete non-incident casualty reports and add equipment used as needed to the Other section.
  16. Save and close training class.


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