Add Training Program

  1. From the File menu, select Training Programs and Certifications option Training Programs option.
  2. (If the Training Program form with the last modified record is opened) Press New (or Ctrl + N).
  3. (If a blank Training Program form is opened) Add a new record.
  4. (If the Query form is displayed) Press Cancel.
  5. Type a training program Description.
  6. Type or lookup the Certification/Program Code.
  7. Enter the Duration in Months for the period of time the certification is valid for, if applicable.
  8. Press Add.

    The Training Program Requirement Detail form is displayed.

  9. Select Requirement Type.

    • Select Training and type or lookup the training category code.
    • Select Activity and type or lookup the activity code
    • Select Elective and type or lookup the training category code group.
  10. Type the Hours Required, or if the training/activity/elective is not added unless a specific skill is assumed for the attendee and is not based on hour, check Skill Based.
  11. Press New to add additional training or activity requirements, or press Save then Close.
  12. Click the Staff Members tab.
  13. Add staff to training program in one of the following ways.

  14. Complete remaining fields and add related records as necessary.
  15. Add notes about the training class into the Notes section.

    User-defined fields, attached files, non-incident casualty reports, and equipment usage records are added from the Other section.

  16. Save and close when finished.


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