Add Automated Tasks

Frequently used tasks can be automated so they run at user-defined intervals.

  1. From the Administration menu, select the Automated Tasks option.

    Automated tasks that have been added are listed in the Automated Task Name field.

  2. Press New.

    The Automated Task Form is displayed.

  3. Select the task to perform.

    After selecting a task, task parameters are required.

  4. Press Setup Task Parameters to define the task parameters, which vary depending on the type of task to perform.

    Links to additional information on defining each type of task are listed below.

    By default, the type of task is inserted into Automated Task Name.

  5. (Optional) Change this name.
  6. In Run How Often?, specify how often to scan for the task.

    For this task Do this
    Daily Also specify Time of Day.
    Weekly Also specify Day (day of week) and Time of Day.
    Monthly Also specify Day (numeric date) and Time of Day.
    Timed Also specify number of minutes between tasks.
    Login When checked, tasks will be scanned for when FH is first opened.
    Logout When checked, tasks will be scanned for when FH is closed.

    Note: Whether the task is run or not at the exact specified time depends on the task processor status.

    Information on task processor status is available in Task Processor Status.

  7. Check run task at the following workstation only and select a workstation if a workstation has been set aside for running automated tasks.
  8. Check Run task from login screen only to only scan for tasks when the Login form is displayed.

    When enabled, tasks are not run when data entry forms are open.

  9. (Optional, when Run task from login screen only is enabled) Check Exit FIREHOUSE Software after task is run to automatically close FH after the task is run.

    A summary of when the task was last run is listed under Last Performed

  10. Press Details for detailed information about the task parameters.
  11. Save and close to add the task to the Automated Task Name list.


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