Administrative Options License

NFIRS and EMS information is associated with Station lookup codes. At least one central station needs to be added before you can export incidents from FH. Department information needs to be added before department information can be exported to your state.

  1. Select the Administration menu, Administrative Options option.
  2. Click the License tab.
  3. Type the Department/Agency Nameand Number of Stations.

    Stations added (if any) are listed.

    Caution: It is important that you add station information properly. Information on adding station information is available in Add Station.

    Note: The Total Membersfields must contain values before an incident transaction file can be exported. Incident transaction files include department information contained in the station marked as Central, and the number of career paid, volunteer paid, and unpaid volunteer staff members.

  4. Add number of Career Paid, Volunteer Paid, and Volunteer not Paid staff members.
  5. Type the Chief's Name.
  6. Type the System Administrator's Name responsible for administrating the system.

    The name appears on error reports submitted to FIREHOUSE Software technical support.

  7. Press OK to exit and save changes.


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