Lookup Tables and Adding a Lookup Code

Lookup tables contain lists of valid choices for certain fields.

Information on setting up EMS incident reports forts for the first time is available in Select Active EMS Code Set.

  1. Select the Tools menu.

  2. Select the Lookup Tables... option.

    The Lookup Tables form displaying lookup code tables is displayed.

  3. Press to select a specific lookup table.

    Available code category groups and categories for the lookup table are displayed.

  4. To display code categories for a code category group, press .

  5. Highlight a specific code category then press Setup.

    The Lookup form is displayed listing all codes for the category.

  6. Press New.

    The Code Forform is displayed.

  7. Type a code, description and comments.

    Additional fields are available for certain lookups. When values are added to these fields, using the lookup code in a record will automatically insert the additional field values in the record when the lookup code is used.

  8. Press Save.

  9. Repeat the three steps above for each additional new code.

  10. Press Close to return to the Lookup Tables form.


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