Select Active EMS Code Set

The EMS code set includes lookup code categories for data elements throughout the EMS incident module, and system rules and validations based on the unique requirements of each code set.

Before entering EMS incident reports, you should select an EMS code set. EMS code sets should not be changed after EMS incidents have been entered. The default EMS code set included with FH is NFIRS Version 5.0 EMS, which are the EMS codes in the optional NFIRS 5.0 specification. Other code sets:

  • None/Custom EMS Code Set. Minimum set of rules, and no default codes. This option provides the most flexibility if you are developing an EMS standard from scratch.
  • FH Sample EMS/Search & Rescue Codes. A basic code set for demonstration purposes.
  • NFIRS Version 5.0 EMS. The most basic available code set, based on the optional NFIRS 5.0 EMS codes.
  • NHTSA Uniform Pre-Hospital Data Collection. A commonly used standard set of validation rules and default codes.
  • Indiana State EMS Data Collection. Indiana departments and agencies need to select this code to submit EMS reports to the state of Indiana.
  • Additional state EMS codes may be listed. Select only if you have checked with the agency that collects your incidents to verify that they accept FH incidents.

The default EMS code set included with FH is NFIRS Version 5.0 EMS. You should not change code sets after EMS incidents have been entered. If you have already entered EMS incidents and need to change your EMS code set, you should create a backup and archive the EMS incidents that have been entered.


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