Edit Lookup Code

When you edit a lookup code that is used in a record, FH will change the value in the FH record to match any changes you make. This process may take some time. If you want to combine an existing lookup code with another code, use the merge lookup code feature.

  1. Select the Tools menu, Lookup Tables option.

    A form displaying available lookup code tables is displayed.

  2. Select the lookup table you want to modify.

  3. To display code categories for a code category group, press .

  4. Select a specific code category by highlighting, then press Setup.

    The Lookup form is displayed listing all codes for the category.

  5. Press Edit and the Code For form is displayed with the existing code information.
  6. Edit values to the Code and Description fields.

  7. Check Hide This Code if you want to exclude the code from the Lookup form.

    Tip: Hidden codes can be displayed by checking Show Hidden Codes at the bottom of the Lookup form.

  8. Press Save.

    The code, description, and comments are added to the lookup codes, or if you edited an existing code, the modifications are added.

  9. Press Close if finished.