Print Lookup Code Listing

  1. Access the Reports menu.

    Note: Make sure Show Hidden Reports is checked to display the reports.

  2. Select the appropriate report category and highlight the report for the codes you want printed:

    Incident Report Reports

    • NFIRS Incident Reports

      • NFIRS Incident Code Listing EMS/Search & Rescue Reports
    • EMS/Search & Rescue Reports

      • EMS Incident Report Code Listing

    Occupancy Management Reports

    • Inspection Violation Code Listing
    • Occupancy Management Code Listing

    Staff, Activity, and Training Reports

    • Personnel/Training Code Listing

    Apparatus, Equipment, & Inventory Reports

    • Apparatus/Inventory Management Code Listing

    Hydrant Management Reports

    • Hydrant Management Code Listing

    Administrative Reports

    • System-Wide Codes
    • Aid Depts and Investigating Agencies Listing
    • City, State, ZIP Code Listing
    • FIPS County Code Listing
    • General System Code Listing
    • Insurance Companies/Agents Listing
    • Station Listing
    • Street Listing
    • Unit Listing
  3. Press Run.
  4. Select your output option, then press OK.

    The Query Parameters form is displayed.

  5. Specify criteria or press OK to include all codes in the selected lookup table.

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