Add Plus One Codes

NFIRS 5.0 codes cannot be modified, but plus one codes are state or department specific codes associated with a specific NFIRS 5.0 code with additional information. When the incident report using the plus one code is submitted to the national NFIRS 5.0 database, it is submitted as the original code.

A '111' NFIRS 5.0 incident type is a 'building fire'. If a department or state identified the need to track more specific building types using the incident type code, they could add a plus one code '1111', for 'building fire, strip mall'. Note that this is only an example. We recommend that you only add plus one codes at the request of your state.

  1. From the Tools menu, select the Lookup Tables... option.

    The Lookup Table form is displayed.

  2. Select the NFIRS 5.0 lookup code you wish to add a plus one code to, then press Setup... .

    Valid values for the code are displayed.

  3. Highlight the value you wish to associate your new plus one code with, then press Add Plus One.

    The Code For... form is displayed.

  4. Enter any character or numeric value into the +1 field.

    Tip: Remember that if you associate multiple plus one codes for a single value, you'll want the plus one codes to sort logically.

  5. Enter a description of the plus one code in the Description field.
  6. Press Save to add the plus one code.