Open an existing schedule

  1. Choose File → Staff Scheduling → Add or Update Scheduling Definitions.

    The Schedule dialog box appears.

  2. Click Browse.

    The Query - Schedules by Name dialog box appears.

  3. Select a schedule, and then click OK.

    The Schedule dialog box populates with information.

  4. Add or update any or all of the following parts of the schedule.

    To do this See instructions in
    Add shifts

    Add a shift to a schedule.

    Add shifts to a schedule with the wizard.

    Manage staffing exchanges and exceptions

    Set up staffing exchanges and exceptions in the schedule.

    Add notes

    Add notes to a schedule.

    Add custom data fields (user-defined fields)

    Add custom data user-defined fields to a schedule.

    Add data in user-defined fields

    Enter custom data in user-defined fields for a schedule.

    Add attachments and

    Add attachments and signatures to a schedule.

    Lock a schedule Lock a schedule.
    Review modification history Review the modification history of a schedule.
    View the shift calendar Work with the shift calendar.
  5. Click Save.