Set up a schedule

A staff schedule includes basic schedule information, on-duty and off-duty times (duty cycles) for shifts, and staff members assigned to the shifts. You can create your own schedule, or you can load a schedule template that is pre-populated with typical information. You can add shifts, define the duty cycles, staff, and default activities of each shift, delete a shift, and work with the shift calendar. You can also add notes, user-defined fields and data, attachments and signatures. You lock a schedule record, review schedule modifications, and more.


Load a schedule template

Add a new schedule

Open an existing schedule

Set up shifts in a schedule

Set up staffing exchanges and exceptions in the schedule

Add notes to a schedule

Add custom data user-defined fields to a schedule

Enter custom data in user-defined fields for a schedule

Add attachments and signatures to a schedule

Review the modification history of a schedule

Lock a schedule

Delete a schedule

Print a schedule from the Schedule dialog box