Add Maintenance Detail Records

Maintenance records can be added as they are scheduled, or after they have been performed.

  1. From the File menu, select the Apparatus, Equipment, and Inventory option, then the Apparatus, Equipment, and Inventory Master Records option.
  2. (If the Inventory form is displayed) Press Browse (or Ctrl + O), select record, and press OK.
  3. (If the Query form is displayed) Select a record, then press OK.
  4. Click the Maintenance/Test tab.
  5. Press Add.

    The Maintenance/Test Detail form is displayed.

    Note: If you are testing or maintaining multiple pieces of equipment at the same time, use Batch Maintenance from the File menu, select Apparatus Equipment and Inventory, then Batch Maintenance/Test Entry. You can add similar testing or maintenance records to all relevant apparatus records. Information on batch maintenance is available in Batch Maintenance.

  6. Type the Work Order # assigned for the maintenance/testing.
  7. Type or lookup the Job code used to categorize the maintenance or testing type.
  8. Select Scheduled and enter the Start Date if this maintenance/test detail has not been completed.
  9. Select Completed and enter the date the maintenance/detail record was completed in Start Date.
  10. Type the number of Staff Hrs spent for this maintenance/testing.
  11. Type the number of hours the equipment was unavailable due to the maintenance/testing in Hrs Down.
  12. Type the dollar amount spent for Parts.
  13. Type the dollar amount spent for Labor.
  14. Type or lookup the Staff ID for staff performing the test/maintenance.

    Note: Add a staff activity record for the staff member from the Other section if you want to track staff hours performing maintenance/testing.

  15. To add additional related jobs, press  + to add one or ++ to add multiple additional records.

    Available fields in the Details section vary depending on the inventory type. “Pump”, “Hose”, and “SCBA” inventory types include specialized values in this section.

  16. Track the use of consumables used for this maintenance/test in the Usage section.
  17. Type additional information about the maintenance/test in the Notes section.
  18. Add user fields, add attached files, access record modification history, and add staff activities for this maintenance/test in the Other section.
  19. Save and close maintenance/test detail record.
  20. Save and close inventory record.


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