Add EMS Patient

  1. From the File menu, select EMS Search & Rescue Reporting, then EMS/Search & Rescue Reports option.
  2. (If the EMS/Search & Rescue Report form is displayed) Press New (or Ctrl + N).
  3. (If the Query form is displayed) Press Cancel.
  4. Click the Patient/Victims section, then press Add.

    The Patient/Victim Information form is displayed.

  5. Add patient name information.

    1. (If the Occupancy ID field is used in the main EMS incident record) Press Add from Occupancy...

    2. (If the occupancy contact records include this patient) Select the occupancy owner or contact then press OK.
    3. (If the related NFIRS incident includes involvement records) Press Add from Involvement... and select the involvement to add, then press OK, or type the Last Name of the patient/victim and additional patient name information if available.

      Note: When the cursor leaves the patient Last Name field, a list of patient names previously entered in FH is displayed. Non-administrative users who do not have rights to view patient information from other users will not see patient names unless List all matching patient reports is enabled in the Administrative Options form Incident section EMS/Search & Rescue section General section.

  6. Type or lookup the Unit code for the unit responding for this patient/victim.

  7. A unique Patient Number is assigned.

    The first patient for each incident is 001; the second 002, etc.

  8. If patient/victims are assigned account numbers, type the Patient Account #.

    Previously entered account numbers are available for lookup.

  9. (If you bill) Press Billing/Guardian Information.

    1. Check Billing Same as Patient to use patient name and address information; otherwise, complete billing or guardian information.
    2. Add additional information as needed.
    3. Save and close.
  10. Complete Residence Address area fields.

    Tip: Click Same as Scene Address to use address information from the EMS incident.


  12. Type or lookup Date of Birth of the patient, or the Age-yrs and mos (months).

    If the age cannot be determined, make an approximation.

    Note: For patients less than a year old, enter the number of months.

  13. Complete remaining Description area fields as needed.

  14. If insurance details are available, check Yes in the Insurance? area and press Details.

    The Insurance Information form is displayed.

    1. Complete known insurance information.
    2. Save and close form.
  15. Add phone numbers if available.

  16. Press + to add phone type code, phone number, and extension.

  17. Repeat for each phone number you wish to add.
  18. Complete additional information as needed.

  19. Complete remaining required and applicable fields and add related records as needed.


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