FIREHOUSE Software Accounts Receivable User's Guide

The FIREHOUSE Software Accounts Receivable User's Guide is designed to help you install, configure, and manage account, invoice, and payment records related to FH® activities.

The FH Accounts Receivable module consists of three parts.

  • Account records, which contain contact information about the entity owing money to your department, and a record of money owed and paid by the entity.
  • Invoice records, which detail the amount of money owed to your department. All invoices relate to a specific account record.
  • Payment and credit records, which list financial adjustments applied to an account. Payment can be applied to one or more open invoices.

Once the FH Accounts Receivable module is installed, you can use FH as normal, adding occupancy inspections, hydrant activities, incidents, and so forth. You can generate invoices as activities are added or through a batch-generation feature, print them, and send them to the account contact. When payments are received, you can apply the payments to the account. You can also create reports at a variety of points in the process.


Activate FH Accounts Receivable

Configure FH Accounts Receivable

Work with account records

Work with invoices

Work with accounts and invoices from within billable events

Work with payments, credits, and refunds

Reconcile/close an accounting period