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South Carolina EMS Reporting Mandate

From the EMS Performance Improvement Center (EMSPIC):

Please review: http://www.emspic.org/?q=node/119

FIREHOUSE Software has completed the requirements specified in the following document located on the EMSPIC website: http://www.emspic.org/?q=node/149.

Steps to Configure your FIREHOUSE Software to Meet South Carolina Requirements

  1. Update to the latest version of FH.
    1. Review the FH 7 Update Guide.
    2. Follow the instructions in the FH 7 Update Guide to install and apply FH version 7.5.50 update or higher.
  2. Read and complete the NEMSIS Implementation Instructions.
    1. Carefully read the South Carolina  NEMSIS Implementation Instructions.
    2. Complete the NEMSIS Implementation Instructions to configure your FIREHOUSE Software for EMS reporting.
  3. Create Sample Incident data for submission to the state.
    1. Review the Sample Incident EMS Data for EMSPIC Submission article: http://www.emspic.org/?q=node/149.
    2. Enter the sample incident records.
    3. Perform Step 22 of the NEMSIS Implementation Instructions to export the sample file.
    4. Proceed with steps 3 & 4 of the Software Testing Requirements on http://www.emspic.org/?q=node/149.

We are committed to the success of this project in South Carolina. We are here to help with any questions and/or support you need.

Step 4 of the South Carolina EMS Software Testing Requirements: http://www.emspic.org/?q=node/149.

FIREHOUSE Software has been tested and approved for use in South Carolina. Each EMS Agency using the software must submit a small number of sample records to the EMSPIC for review. This review will confirm that the EMS software is properly installed and the EMS Agency is correctly configured for live data submission. Sample records must be submitted through a secure FTP test user account provided by the EMSPIC at 919-843-0201. The sample incident data can be generated in three possible ways:

  1. Re-entering previous EMS incident records but using the new NEMSIS code set.
  2. Creating fictitious sample records which should be deleted after the state has approved the department for live data submission.
  3. Entering in new EMS Incident records.

The sample export should include a minimum of 3 patient reports. We recommend the patient reports come from a variety of incident response (IE: Motor Vehicle Accident, Cardiac Arrest, Personal Injury). The variety should attempt to include the fields collected by South Carolina EMS.

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