FHETS is Now Part of ESO Training Academy:

In bringing FIREHOUSE Software into the ESO family, we had the opportunity tocontinue and expand on the best of FIREHOUSE. FHETS(FIREHOUSE Education and Training Seminar) is one such example. ESO Training Academy is built on the strong foundation established by FHETS and expanded to include more products. 


ESO Training Academy offers two full days of in-depth training of ESO products across the ESO Suite, tailored to meet the needs of both administrators and field providers. Our trainers have deep field experience to teach you how to make the most of your ESO products. You’ll find new ways to use the data you collect to create a more efficient department, improve patient care and learn best practices across modules.   


Wave is the leading EMS, fire and hospital industry conference for leveraging data to transform organizations and improve care quality. This two-day conference brings the best in thought leadership, data analysis and in-field experience to share how you can foster change within your organization. 


To learn more about ESO Training Academy and Wave, click here. 

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