FH Enterprise

FH Enterprise is for fire/EMS agencies that need to run FIREHOUSE Software with remote access to a central database. The FH Enterprise client is the same easy-to-use interface as the standard FH package, but uses a client/server database. Flexible installation options allow departments to install FH Enterprise and a fully Microsoft SQL Server-compatible database engine, or departments that already have Microsoft SQL Server can install FH Enterprise and use their SQL Server database. Either way, FH Enterprise allows multiple remote users to access and update data located in a central location. Most processing is completed at the server, minimizing network traffic and allowing slower connection speeds with acceptable response times than the standard FH system allows.

Client Workstation

Database Engine

FH Enterprise MS SQL Server Express Microsoft SQL Server
Licensing: Per concurrent user Provided with FH Enterprise, optimized for up to 5 concurrent users. Purchased separately, various user licensing schemes available.
Processor: 500Mhz PIII Compatible, recommended for 1 GHz or higher Click here for the hardware requirements from Microsoft for SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Click here for the hardware requirements from Microsoft for SQL Server
RAM: 512 MB minimum, 1GB or more recommended
Video: 800×600
Disk Space: 500 MB*
Operating System: Windows XP SP2 or higher
Networks: Supports the following network libraries: Named Pipes, TCP/IP, Multi-Protocol, IPX/SPX, and Banyan Vines.
Bandwidth: We recommend departments use our free evaluation copy of FH Software to determine satisfactory system configurations that yield optimal response times.

FH is compatible with most Windows 64-bit operating systems on new computer/server installations of Windows. Computers and servers upgraded from 32-bit systems to 64-bit systems have demonstrated problems and are NOT recommended.

* Depending on your workstation’s configuration, you may want to consider a faster processor and additional RAM. If you are purchasing a new computer, talk to your sales representative for recommendations based on the latest available computers.

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