FIREHOUSE Software Overview

The powerful FIREHOUSE Software package uses an integrated database and graphical user interface so data is entered one time, even when used in different areas of the system. FIREHOUSE Software is intuitive and easy to use without computer training. While NFIRS 5.0 certification and NEMSIS Gold Certification are a core component, our clients worldwide rely on our commitment to providing valuable, versatile, and fully integrated solutions. FIREHOUSE Software is dedicated to helping agencies manage business, day-to-day operations & planning, field operations & decision support, communications, and technical challenges. Experience FIREHOUSE Software, and you’ll experience software, support, and services unmatched in the industry.

All FIREHOUSE Software modules are seamlessly integrated for one complete solution, and the flexible, modular design means it can be used at fire departments and EMS agencies, regardless of size. By selecting the modules and scalability level that best meet your needs and budget, FIREHOUSE Software can be licensed and deployed in multiple ways:

Each system includes advanced features for departments to tailor FIREHOUSE Software to their needs. Additional features to expand FH capabilities for the department can be added on to fit a customer’s needs.

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