FH Enterprise Hardware Requirements

Client Workstation

Database Engine

FH Enterprise MS SQL Server Express Microsoft SQL Server
Licensing: Per concurrent user Provided with FH Enterprise, optimized for up to 5 concurrent users. Purchased separately, various user licensing schemes available.
Processor: 600Mhz PIII Compatible, recommended for 1 GHz or higher Click here for the hardware requirements from Microsoft for SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Click here for the hardware requirements from Microsoft for SQL Server
RAM: 1GB or more recommended
Video: 800×600
Disk Space: 500 MB*
Operating System: Windows XP SP2 or higher
Networks: Supports the following network libraries: Named Pipes, TCP/IP, Multi-Protocol, IPX/SPX, and Banyan Vines.
Bandwidth: We recommend departments use our free evaluation copy of FH Software to determine satisfactory system configurations that yield optimal response times.

FH is compatible with most Windows 64-bit operating systems on new computer/server installations of Windows. Computers and servers upgraded from 32-bit systems to 64-bit systems have demonstrated problems and are NOT recommended.

* Depending on your workstation’s configuration, you may want to consider a faster processor and additional RAM. If you are purchasing a new computer, talk to your sales representative for recommendations based on the latest available computers.

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