FIREHOUSE Software Sweet-Billing Installation Notes

Sweet-Billing, formerly known as Ortivus, is an EMS billing software for reimbursement and collections for Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Through collaboration with Sweet-Billing, Firehouse® has developed a custom data export that exports EMS incident information to a file meeting Sweet-Billing's specification. This file can be submitted directly to Sweet-Billing for processing, saving FH® users data entry time in two separate applications.

The FIREHOUSE Software Sweet-Billing Installation Notes is designed to help you install, configure, and run the custom data export.

Note: You must have FH 7 or later installed before installing the Sweet-Billing interface.


Extract the Sweet-Billing/Ortivus files

Install the Sweet-Billing components

Install the Sweet-Billing export in FH

Configure Sweet-Billing in FH

Run the Sweet-Billing data export