Install the Sweet-Billing components

Warning: Make sure that FH is not running when you install the Sweet-Billing custom data export.

  1. Navigate into the folder where you extracted the contents to.
  2. Double-click Ortivus.exe.

    Note: Sweet-Billing was formerly known as Ortivus, and the filenames and user interface may still contain references to Ortivus.

    The Welcome screen installation wizard for Sweet-Billing/Ortivus appears.

  3. (Optional, if you are sure there is only one installation of FH on the machine) Select Skip automatic search for existing installations, and then click Next >.
  4. (If you selected Skip automatic search for existing installations) Skip the next step and go to step 6.
  5. Click Next >.

    The Select Location screen of the wizard appears.

  6. Select the FH installation directory you want the Sweet-Billing components to be installed into, and then click Next >.

    The Start Installation screen of the wizard appears.

  7. Click Next >.

    The Installation Complete screen of the wizard appears.

  8. Click Finish.
  9. Continue with Install the Sweet-Billing export in FH.