Workstation Options Mapping

  1. Access the Tools menu, Workstation Options option.
  2. Click the Mapping tab.
  3. Press Map Data , highlight the MAPS directory, then press OK.
  4. Select a Geocoding Accuracy Level.

    This affects identification of a valid latitude/longitude only. The most accurate method will be used, then each subsequent method is used (if allowed). Selecting only the most accurate method may result in an 'insufficient information' message when plotting position or geocoding.

    Information on geocoding is available in Geocoding.

  5. Specify a latitude and longitude value to use as the default map point, or press Map... to select one using the map.

    This point will be used as the starting point for browse maps. You also select a zoom level to specify how much territory is included in the default map (can be modified once the map is displayed).

  6. Specify the default map options.

    Information on setting default map options is available in Set Map Display Options.

  7. Check Print Map from Bitmap Image to base printing on BMP.

    Should be enabled if printed map labels are too small for legibility, but resolution is lower and you are limited to landscape paper orientation.

  8. Press Setup Map Pushpins... to specify custom icons to use for specific record types.


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