Set Map Display Options

Map display options control how the map appears and what features are included.

  1. From the Tools menu, select Workstation Options.

    The Workstation Options form is displayed.

  2. Select the Mapping tab.

    The Workstation Options, Mapping section is displayed. Default map point is entered in the Default Map Point area.

  3. Select Default Zoom Level.

    The larger the number, the 'closer' you zoom in.

  4. Select the appropriate shading options.

    • Check Shade Counties to shade counties (provides contrasting colors to demarcate boundaries).
    • Check Shade States to shade states (provides contrasting colors to demarcate state boundaries).
  5. Select the necessary map layers.

    When a layer is enabled, the layer is displayed and labeled in the display map. Layer objects include Counties, Cities, States, Highways, Landmarks, Airports, and Water.

    Note: As you zoom in, the geographic features of the layer, such as a lake, is included on the map, but the layer object is not labeled.

  6. Check Show Map Toolbar to display the map display toolbar.
  7. Press OK to add the latitude and longitude for the default map point.

    Note: You can change the display options while the map is displayed by pressing and making selections, but the settings in the Workstation Options form, Mapping section are used next time a map is displayed.


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