Workstation Options Pocket PC

Accessed from the Tools menu, Workstation Options option.

  1. Click the Pocket PC tab.

    Only accessible if the FH Pocket PC add on has been enabled.

  2. Press Directory to change the location of the synchronization folder.
  3. Check Leave temporary import files from the Pocket PC in the recycle bin after import to leave files downloaded from the Pocket PC to the Import subdirectory of the synchronization folder in the Windows Recycle Bin after they are imported into FH.

    When not checked, the files are  permanently deleted after successful import.

    Note: If the Windows Recycle Bin deletes files automatically, files are permanently deleted regardless of this option.

  4. Check Do not check for Pocket PC import files when logging in if you do not want FH to prompt users to run the  import when files are found in the Import subdirectory of the synchronization folder at FH start up.
  5. Press OK.


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