Add new user

Access to FH is controlled via users and security. Users and security provides control over who can access the software, and what functions they are able to perform.

Add individuals who can access FH. If you are setting up your system for the first time, we recommend that you add a new user identity with full rights, and reduce the default user identity rights (user name equals Guest, and password equals Demo.

Warning: Do not lose the administrative account user names and passwords. These should be stored in a secure location.

  1. Select the Administration menu, Users and Security... option.
  2. Press New.

    The User Setup form is displayed.

  3. Enter the User Name for the user.
  4. Press Set Password..., type the user password in the Password and Confirm Password fields, then press OK.

    Passwords can be required via the Administrative Options form General section.

    Certain password complexity requirements may also be specified in the Administrative Options form.

  5. Press Link to Staff ID to select a staff member to assign to this login.

    Associating one login with one staff member makes auditing specific user activity much easier.

  6. When the user profile has been used to access FH, do the following.
  7. Press View Login Info... to display a log of accesses using the profile.
  8. Check Disable User Login to disable the account so it can not be used to access FH.
  9. Press Save.

If you are setting up FIREHOUSE Software for the first time, you are now ready to set up lookup tables.

Information on lookup tables is available in Lookup Tables and Adding a Lookup Code.


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