Setup User Groups

User groups are security access definitions that can be set up and applied to individual users. User groups can speed user setup, since you can define the security for a large group of users, then add users to the group with a single mouse click.

  1. From the Administration menu, select the Users and Security... option.

    The Users and Security form is displayed.

  2. In the User Groups section, press New.

    The User Group Setup form is displayed.

  3. In Group Name, type a name that describes the group

  4. Check Administrative Access to give group members rights to all areas of the software.

    The process for defining security for a group is the same as defining security for an individual user.

    Information for setting security details is available in Add new user.

  5. In the Group Members area, check the box preceding the user name to add the user to the group.

    When a user is added to a group, the user is granted the rights defined for the group.

  6. Press Save.


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