Display Current User Information

Display information about the currently logged in user.

  1. From the Tools menu, select Display Current User Info.

    In the Security section, the current user's information is displayed, including general information like the current user's memberships (if any) in user groups, and general rights. There are additional sections of the Security section that display rights to specific modules, lookup tables, and rights to run add-ons.

    Information on specifying user security is available in Setup User Groups.

    In the Past Logins section, the current user's system usage activity, including login and logout date and time, and workstation used to access FH is displayed.

    Note: All individuals accessing FH should have a unique user name and password. If users share user names and passwords, information about past logins is less meaningful, and maintaining an audit trail becomes more difficult.

  2. Press OK to close the form.