Specify Administrative Options Database Auditing

  1. Select the Administration menu, then the Administrative Options option.
  2. Click the Database tab.
  3. Check Enable basic audit tracking.

    This needs to be enabled if you use export to/import from station since it adds modified dates to records.

  4. Check Enable detailed audit tracking to enable audit tracking options.

    When checked, the following additional options are available.

    1. Select Track changes to records to track user name and date of all changes to records.

      Every time a record is saved, this option adds the user name and date to the list of changes made to the record.

    2. Select Track changes to fields and track user name, date, and fields changed.
    3. Select individual databases to track.

      For each listed database, a check in the box in the Audit? column indicates that the database audit tracking is enabled for the database (when Track changes to records is checked).

      Note: Detailed database audit tracking is memory intensive. If you don't need to track this information, consider limiting its usage.

      Information on managing the speed of the tracking is available in FH Response Times.

  5. Press OK.


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