Add Investigation Report

  1. Select the File menu, Incident Investigation option.

    An investigation report may be related to a specific incident or not. Information on adding an investigation report is available in Add Investigation Report from Incident.

  2. (If the Investigation form is displayed) Press Browse (or Ctrl + O), highlight the record to modify, then press OK.
  3. (If the Query form is displayed) Select the record to modify and press OK.
  4. Type a basic Description of the investigation.
  5. Optionally associate the investigation with an incident:
  6. Press to the right of the FDID/Alarm Date/Incident Number fields.
  7. Select the incident to associate with the investigation and press OK.
  8. Press OK to prompt if you’re sure.
  9. Type an Investigation ID or press Tab to have FH automatically assign one (if enabled via Administrative Options form Key Counters section).
  10. Complete remaining fields as needed.

    Note: The investigator listed at the top of the list is considered to be the primary investigator.

  11. Press Save, then Close.

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