Add Investigation Referral

Referrals are agencies, if any, the investigation was referred to for follow-up investigation. This might be a law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction for a criminal investigation or another fire department that may have been requested to conduct the investigation.

  1. Select the File menu, Incident Investigation option.

    An investigation report may be related to a specific incident or not. Information on adding an investigation report is available in Add Investigation Report from Incident.

  2. (If the Investigation form is displayed) Press Browse (or Ctrl + O), highlight the record to modify, then press OK.
  3. (If the Query form is displayed) Select the record to modify and press OK.
  4. Click the Referrals tab.
  5. Press Add.

    The Investigating Agency form is displayed.

  6. Type or lookup the Department/Agency Code.
  7. (Optional) Type the Case Number assigned by the department/agency and Referral Date.
  8. Save and close referral.

    Address and contact information associated with the agency lookup code is listed in the Investigation form Referrals section.

  9. Save and close.


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