Add Investigation Report from Incident

The optional Arson/Investigation Report may be used whenever Cause of Ignition (NFIRS-2 E1) is coded as “intentional,” or as “under investigation” without any distinction made as to whether or not a crime has occurred, or a determination of criminal intent. The Arson/Investigation Report may also be used when the fire is under investigation or in cases where the cause is “Undetermined after investigation.” The Arson/Investigation Report can also be used to document juvenile-set fires, whether determined to be intentional or not. This information will permit analysis of juvenile firesetting trends including intervention strategies and recidivism.

  1. With the Incident Report displayed, access the Additional Reports section.

  2. Press Arson/Investigation... .

    The Arson Report form is displayed.

  3. Type a basic Description of the investigation.
  4. Type an Investigation ID or press Tab to have FH automatically assign one (if enabled through Administrative Options form Key Counters section).
  5. Complete remaining fields as needed.

    Note: The investigator listed at the top of the list is considered to be the primary investigator.

  6. Press Save, then Close.


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