Add Lead or Involvement

  1. Select the File menu, Incident Investigation option.

    An investigation report may be related to a specific incident or not. Information on adding an investigation report is available in Add Investigation Report from Incident.

  2. (If the Investigation form is displayed) Press Browse (or Ctrl + O), highlight the record to modify, then press OK.
  3. (If the Query form is displayed) Select the record to modify and press OK.
  4. Click the Leads/Involvements tab.
  5. Press Add.

    The Leads/Involvements form is displayed.

  6. Type the suspect or involvements Last Name.
  7. Enter the Date of Birth or Age of the subject.

    Make an approximation if the age cannot be determined. If the age is less than 18, Juvenile Disposition is required.

  8. Press Add from Occupancy if the investigation was at an occupancy record and the contact is an investigative lead.
  9. Press Add from Involvement if the investigation is linked to an incident record with involvement records.

    A lead/involvement record should be added for each lead/involvement.

  10. Press New to add an additional record.
  11. Save and close lead/involvement when finished.
  12. Save and close.


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