Add a contact to an account record

  1. (If one is not open already) Open an existing account record.
  2. Click the Contacts tab.

  3. Near the bottom of the dialog box, click Add.

    The Contact Detail dialog box appears, partially populated with information from the account record.

  4. In Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, and Title, enter the necessary name information.

  5. In Contact Type, enter a contact code or click the lookup button and use the dialog box that appears to select a contact type.
  6. (If the contact person is an owner of the occupancy) Select Owner.
  7. (Optional) Add any or all of the following information for a contact.

    To do this See instructions in

    Add phone numbers

    Add phone numbers.

    Add email addresses or
    Internet URLs

    Add email addresses and URLs.

    Add notes

    Add notes to a record.

    Add custom data fields (user-defined fields)

    Add custom data user-defined fields to a record.

    Add data in user-defined fields

    Enter custom data in user-defined fields for a record.

    Add attachments and

    Add attachments and signatures to a record.

  8. In the Account Contact Detail dialog box, click Save, and then click Close.

    The new contact appears in the list on the Contacts tab.

  9. In the Account dialog box, click Save, and then click Close.