Hardware Requirements

Recommended Hardware if… on a Workstation on a Server
Processor: Pentium Class or higher Pentium Class or higher
Memory (RAM): 256MB or higher 256MB available
Operating System: Windows 2000 or higher Windows Server 2003 or higher

Other Requirements…

Certain interfaces of FH CAD Monitor require a properly configured ODBC data source that allows (at minimum) read access to your CAD data. You may need to consult your CAD vendor to complete this requirement.

FH Enterprise users: A local installation of the FH Enterprise client with a properly configured remote database connection, or an ODBC data source that allows read/write access to your FH Enterprise database.

FIREHOUSE Software standard: Access to the FIREHOUSE Software database and lookup table database. We recommend that these databases be located on a mapped drive that can be accessed via an assigned drive letter.

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