FH CAD Monitor

FH CAD Monitor is a stand-alone executable that creates records in your FIREHOUSE Software system based on information entered in your computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system. It requires access to files/components from your CAD vendor software. Access to the CAD data is available through various methods, depending on the CAD system type you have. (Requires files and/or components from CAD vendors. Please contact your CAD vendor for more information, additional costs may apply).

FH CAD Monitor can be configured to run as a desktop application or as a service. FH CAD Monitor polls (queries) your CAD system for new information at intervals you define. Database changes are logged to a file that you can review later.

With coordinated efforts of approved CAD vendors, FH CAD Monitor interfaces with a variety of CAD systems.

  • ADSi
  • Alert Tracking Systems, Inc.
  • Application Data Systems, Inc.
  • Archonix
  • Bell xwaveCAD
  • CADForce
  • Cardinal Tracking Inc.
  • Cimbrian Technology (Forge CAD)
  • Civic CMI
  • Cody Systems
  • Computer Information Systems (CIS CAD)
  • Creative Microsystems, Inc
  • Crimes/Sam Houston State CAD
  • CTS America SmartCAD
  • Cushing Technologies
  • Custom Micro Inc.
  • Cyrun CAD
  • DaProSystems CAD
  • Emergitech Inc.
  • Enroute Emergency Systems
  • ESI Acquisitions Inc.
  • Executive Information Services
  • GEAC Computer Aided Dispatch System
  • Genisis 9-1-1 CAD
  • GeoConex NG911 CAD
  • Global Dispatch Techology
  • Heartbeat CAD (KTI International)
  • Hitech Systems Inc.
  • Huber & Associates Enterpol CAD
  • Hunt Computer Design CAD
  • Huron Valley Ambulance CAD
  • IDNetworks IDDispatch CAD
  • Indico Crisis Communication Management System
  • Information Technologies Inc. (ITI CAD)
  • Integrated Computer Systems (ICS)
  • Intellichoice Inc.
  • Intelligent Solutions, Inc.(CAPERS)
  • InterAct911 CAD
  • InterAct911 CADNG
  • Intergraph Public Safety
  • IPC Command Systems Inc.
  • IQ CAD
  • Keystone Public Safety
  • Law Enforcement Technology
  • LawSoft CAD
  • Logisys CAD
  • M & M Micro Systems Inc.
  • Mobiletec International
  • Motorola Premier Printrak CAD
  • Motorola PremierOne CAD
  • New World CAD
  • NexGen CAD
  • Northrop Grumman CAD
  • Phoenix CAD
  • Positron Public Safety Systems (powerCAD)
  • PTS Solutions (PTS CAD)
  • Queues Enforth Development, Inc.(QED CAD)
  • Shield Technology Corporation (ShieldWareCAD)
  • Sleuth Systems CAD
  • Spillman Technologies, Inc. CAD
  • Southern Software, Inc. CAD
  • Sundance Systems, Inc. COMS Dispatch
  • Sungard OSSI CAD
  • TAC Computer
  • TAC 10
  • Tiburon CAD
  • Tritech IMC
  • Tritech Perform
  • Tritech VisiCAD
  • Tyler Public Safety
  • United System Solutions
  • USA Software Inc.
  • Valor Systems Inc.
  • Versaterm Inc.
  • VisionAIR VisionCAD
  • Zuercher Technologies ledsCAD

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