Configure NEMSIS export options and medical devices class codes

  1. Choose Administration → Administrative Options.

    The Administrative Options dialog box appears.

  2. Click the Incident → EMS/Search & Rescue → NEMSIS tabs.

  3. (Optional, if you are only reporting to the national reporting body and not to local agencies) Under NEMSIS - Reporting Requirements, select NEMSIS - Export only data elements required for the national database.

    Warning: Do not select NEMSIS - Export only data elements required for the national database if you are reporting to state and local agencies.

  4. (If patient information is required for state reporting) Under NEMSIS - Reporting Requirements, select Include patient confidential information in export.

  5. Under Run XML Validation on Each Incident, select the option indicating how frequently you want incidents to be validated.

    Tip: While validating each incident can extend the time it takes for the software to save each incident, it is much easier to correct problems if they are found during data entry.

  6. (If it is not greyed out) For Medical Devices Inventory Class, in the yellow field, enter an existing code or a new code for medical device items in the Inventory module.

    Note: Medical Devices Inventory Class is greyed out if your department has not purchased and activated the Inventory module in FH. If it is greyed out, skip this step and step 7 below.

  7. In the Administrative Options dialog box, click OK.
  8. Do one of the following: 

    If you Then do this

    Mapped your existing EMS codes to the NEMSIS code set

    Continue with Add or update codes in lookup tables.

    Replaced your existing EMS codes with the NEMSIS code set

    Continue with Update EMS service numbers.