Update EMS service numbers

  1. Choose Tools → Lookup Tables.

    The Lookup Tables dialog box appears.

  2. Expand Incident Report Codes → EMS/Search & Rescue Incident Report Codes.
  3. Select EMS Service Numbers, and then click Setup.

    The Lookup - EMS Service Numbers dialog box appears.

  4. From the list, select an EMS service number, and then click Edit.

    The Code for EMS Service Numbers dialog box appears, set to the General tab.

  5. Verify that the information in the following fields is correct, and edit if necessary:

    • Under Status / Date, the Active checkbox and the date in the date field.

      Note: If the Status / Date field is disabled (grayed out), this EMS service number is associated with the central station code, and the Status / Date information is not needed.

    • Counties Served (FIPS)
    • Time Zone
    • Level of Service
    • Organizational Type
    • Organizational Status
  6. Click the Contacts tab.

  7. Under Agency Contact, in ZIP Code, verify that the information is correct, and edit if necessary.
  8. Click Save.
  9. In the Lookup - EMS Service Numbers dialog box, for the remaining EMS service numbers in the list, repeat steps 4-8.
  10. In the Lookup - EMS Service Numbers dialog box, click Close.
  11. In the Lookup Tables dialog box, click Close.
  12. Continue with Update city codes.