The Role of Queries

Queries are structured questions that gather specific information from available data entered into your FIREHOUSE Software system. Queries are a powerful tool for gathering and using information entered into FH. There are different types of queries:

  • Browse queries are used to list available records and are used to select specific records.
  • Report queries are used by report forms that display information from your system. Reports can be formatted to display information in a variety of ways and can include calculated fields that statistically analyze data on the form.
  • Graph queries are used in graphs to visually display your data on a graphic chart.

Reports and browse lists are an important part of getting the most out of FH. You will use browse lists to locate specific records, browse available records, and even to share information with others by creating files in an external data format. You will use reports to track important department statistics, to justify expenditures, and manage resources.

Reports and browse lists reflect the data that has been entered into FH, they do not modify data in any way. The information included in a report or browse list is determined by queries.

Reports can include more than one query, browse lists can only use one query. Queries can be used for browse lists, reports, and graphs.

Note: A single query can be used for multiple purposes, such as for lookup and report. Bear in mind that if the multi-purpose query is changed to suit a specific purpose, such as changing the sort order for a browse list, the change will also affect (and potentially invalidate) the report that uses the same query.

The information gathered by the query is stored in a temporary file called the results table. Data from the results table can be used to create reports and browse lists.

You can create new queries or modify existing queries to create lists that display specific records or all records in a way that suits your needs.


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