Create New Query

New queries can be created from several locations based on whether they will be used for a browse list, a report, or a graph. Create any new query type from the Queries form:

  1. From Tools menu, select Queries... option.

    The Queries form is displayed.

  2. Select the module and record area the new query should be included in.

    Note: Queries can be added during the report creation process and from browse lists.

  3. Press New.

    The prompt Would you like to start by making a copy of an existing query? is displayed. Copying an existing query can save time since it will copy any joins, filters, and so on.

  4. The Query Designer form is displayed.

    Selecting a specific area or subcategory automatically adds the primary tables and key fields of the tables associated with the specific area.

    Note: The exception is Administrative queries. Only the Properties and Tables sections are displayed on the Query Designer since tables are not automatically added to the query upon creation. Select the module and record area to add the new query to.

  5. See related topics for next steps to complete the query.


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