Upsize the FH Standard database

When you upsize from FH Standard to FH Enterprise, the process attaches a new SQL database to SQL Server on the database server, and then populates the new database with the records from the FH Standard database.

Note: If you are not upsizing from FH Standard to FH Enterprise, skip the steps below and continue with Activate a new FH Enterprise installation.

Warning: Before doing the steps below:

Caution: To be able to run the upsizing process, you must have selected the Install Local Database Upsizer option on the Additional Installation Options screen when you installed the FH Enterprise client. For faster performance, do the steps below on the SQL Server database server.

  1. Choose Start → Programs → FIREHOUSE Software → FIREHOUSE Software Enterprise Edition Tools → Upsize Local Database.

    The Upsize Local Folders dialog box appears.

  2. Verify that the paths in Database, Lookup, System, Queries, and Reports are correct for their corresponding FH Standard folders.

    Note: The path for Lookup is usually the same as the path for Database.

  3. (If necessary) For any paths that are not correct, click the lookup button and use the file browser to navigate to and select the correct corresponding folder.
  4. Click Configure Remote Connection.

    The Remote Configuration dialog box appears.

  5. In the Upsize Local Folders dialog box, click OK.

    A warning that all users need to be logged out of FH appears.

  6. Click Yes.

    The Expander and Upsizing dialog boxes appear with progress bars as the FH Standard database upsizes.


    When the database has finished upsizing, a confirmation dialog box appears.

  7. Click OK.

    Another confirmation dialog box appears, prompting you to view the upsize log file.

  8. Click Yes.

    The FHUpsize.Log file appears.

  9. Carefully review the file to see if any errors occurred during the upsizing process.
  10. Close the log file window.
  11. Follow the instructions in Install FH Enterprise on a client computer to install the FH Enterprise client on any other client computers that need to access the upsized database.

    Note: Because the upsizing process converts the FH Standard database to an SQL database that FH Enterprise can connect with, when you reach step 21 in Install FH Enterprise on a client computer, you do not have to click Cancel when the Remote Configuration dialog box appears. You can specify the database server connection information.

  12. Uninstall FH Standard from all computers.

    Caution: Be sure to uninstall FH Standard before installing the FH Enterprise client that accesses the upsized FH database.