Add or edit a payment or credit adjustment

  1. Choose File → Invoicing and Payments → Apply Payments and Credits.

    The Payments & Credits dialog box appears.

  2. In Account ID, enter the account ID or click the lookup button and use the dialog box that appears to select the account the payment or credit will be applied to.
  3. (If necessary) In Date, enter the date the payment was made.
  4. In Amount, enter the payment amount , and then press Tab or Enter on your keyboard.

    A prompt for creating a new payment record appears.

  5. Click Yes.

    The Payments & Credits dialog box populates with unpaid invoice items.

  6. (If this is a credit adjustment) Below Amount, select Credit Adjustment.
  7. In list of invoices, in the Apply? column, indicate which invoices to apply the payment or credit adjustment to.

    Amount Applied and Amount Left to Apply update automatically. Any value displayed in Amount Left to Apply is an outstanding account balance that can be automatically applied to future invoices created for the account.

  8. (Optional) Below the list of invoice items, click Auto-Apply to apply the payment or credit adjustment to the list of invoice items.

    The payment or credit adjustment is applied to the items in the list from top to bottom, until the amount is exhausted.

  9. Below the list of invoice items, in Description, enter text that describes the payment.
  10. (If this is a payment) In Type, enter the code describing the type of payment made, or click the lookup button and use the dialog box that appears to select the payment type.
  11. (If the payment is by check) In Check No., enter the number on the check.
  12. (If the payment is by credit card) In Authorization No., enter the authorization code issued for credit card transactions.
  13. (Optional) Add any or all of the following information for a payment or credit.

    To do this See instructions in

    Add notes

    Add notes to a record.

    Add custom data fields (user-defined fields)

    Add custom data user-defined fields to a record.

    Add data in user-defined fields

    Enter custom data in user-defined fields for a record.

    Add attachments and

    Add attachments and signatures to a record.

    View the payment
    record history

    Review the modification history of a record.

  14. Click Save.

    The fields in the Payments & Credits dialog box clear so that you can create the next payment or credit adjustment record.

  15. Click Close.
  16. In the Account dialog box, click Save, and then click Close.