Available Texas Information

Click below for the latest Texas state information and updates.

NFIRS incident transactions can be emailed to TEXFIRS@tdi.state.tx.us.

An FTP site is also available. Contact Virginia Garza to set up an account prior to use.

Visit the Texas Department of Insurance State Fire Marshal for more details.

(Last updated 4/22/06)

The State Firemen’s and Fire Marshals’ Association (SFFMA) is one of the largest trade associations in Texas. The organization is the oldest and the largest fire and EMS service association in the state. The cornerstone of the organization is the Certification Program for firefighters, which encourages training, education and certification for all emergency responders. The SFFMA founded and now supports and sponsors the world’s largest fire training school, at Texas A&M University, providing instructors and professional service on the TEEX Fire School’s Advisory Board. FIREHOUSE Software has installable components and instructions necessary to record staff training using the SFFMA training program.

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