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We have received reports from departments that their NFIRS exports were rejected. To resolve the reported issues:

  1. Enter FDIDs for all investigating agencies that give mutual aid. As soon as you add the FDID to the Investigating Agency lookup code and re-export the incidents, additional information that the state fire marshal’s office requires is included. Access the Investigating Agency lookup codes via the Tools menu Lookup Codes option then selecting the Incident Report Codes category Departments and Investigating Agencies category.
  2. Require Property Loss and Content Loss values:
  • From Administration menu > System Rules and Default Values.
  • Click Inc_main table, then click Setup.
  • Click INC_MAIN.PROP_LOSS, then click Add.
  • Select Require Field then click OK.
  • Uncheck Require field always then type “No_Prop_Loss=.F.” (no quotes).
  • Press OK.
  • Highlight INC_MAIN.CONT_LOSS, then click Add.
  • Select Require Field then click OK.
  • Uncheck Require field always, then type “No_Cont_Loss=.F.” (no quotes).
  • Press OK.
  • Press OK.
  • Press Close.

(Last updated 4/22/06)

The Illinois Department of Public Health EMS and Highway Safety launched a NEMSIS-compliant EMS data collection system on 29 April 2010. Data specifications for electronic submitters and a new form for paper submitters were made available to the Illinois EMS community at that time. Electronic data submitters with third-party software have until 29 April 2011 to begin providing the state with data that meets the new specifications. FIREHOUSE Software has installable components and instructions necessary to meet the state requirements and guidelines.

(Last updated 2/1/11)

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