FH Mobile Response

FH Mobile Response, powered by ADASHI, extends the power of your existing FH Software to the field, providing immediate access to critical response information en-route to the incident where it is most needed. Dispatches automatically invoke a complete navigation system that provides audible turn-by-turn routing, AVL, nearest hydrants, HazMat modeling, site plans, floor plans, and much more.

See what FH Mobile Response can do…

Having trouble streaming the video? You can download it from here. Unzip the file and watch it anytime in Media Player.

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As you can see, FH Mobile Response is developed with so many tools, we’re making it available in three tiered purchasing levels.

FH Mobile Response ‘Basic’ provides…

  • Address Resolution using multiple mapsets
  • View Multiple Maps
  • View and Manage Multiple Map Layers
  • Copy, Paste, and Bookmark Maps
  • Mapped Points of Interests
  • Instant Messaging and Email Communications
  • Customizable Dispatch Notifications
  • GPS Tracking and Follow Me Centering

FH Mobile Response ‘with Navigation’ expands on the above by adding…

  • Routing and Turn-by-Turn lists
  • Audible Navigation

and FH Mobile Response ‘Premium’ brings even more by adding…

  • Fleet locations
  • Pictometry Tools and Views
  • Google and Bing Views
  • Dispatch Incident Container
  • Viewing/Utilizing Multiple Incidents
  • Set/Modify Incident Information
  • Create, Manage, and Publish Incident records
  • Weather acquisition automation
  • Hazmat Modeling and Guidance
  • SmartForms incident reporting and communication

You won’t have to fumble with paper preplans. You won’t have to switch between multiple programs. FH Mobile Response has the tools you need for a faster, coordinated response.

Contact your sales representative for pricing information on the FH Mobile Response you need!

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