FIREHOUSE Software Overview

The powerful FIREHOUSE Software package uses an integrated database and graphical user interface so data is entered one time, even when used in different areas of the system. FIREHOUSE Software is intuitive and easy to use without computer training. While NFIRS 5.0 certification and NEMSIS Gold Certification are a core component, our clients worldwide rely on our commitment to providing valuable, versatile, and fully integrated solutions. FIREHOUSE Software is dedicated to helping agencies manage business, day-to-day operations & planning, field operations & decision support, communications, and technical challenges. Experience FIREHOUSE Software, and you'll experience software, support, and services unmatched in the industry.

All FIREHOUSE Software modules are seamlessly integrated for one complete solution, and the flexible, modular design means it can be used at fire departments and EMS agencies, regardless of size. By selecting the modules and scalability level that best meet your needs and budget, FIREHOUSE Software can be licensed and deployed in multiple ways:

Each system includes advanced features for departments to tailor FIREHOUSE Software to their needs. Additional features to expand FH capabilities for the department can be added on to fit a customer’s needs.

Current Software Versions

FH Desktop Modules

FH Desktop modules are available individually, or in bundled module packages of your choosing. Our 'complete' bundled package includes:

Incident and Investigation Reporting

  • Gather and export required and optional NFIRS 5.0 incident data to the state, and additional incident related information like extrication details and NFPA 1710/1720 information.
  • The extensive NFIRS 5.0 codes can be fine tuned using plus-one codes, and valid NFIRS 5.0 codes for a specific field can be accessed by a single click or searched for by keyword.
  • Save time by automatically generating an incident narrative.
  • Investigation records can be linked to specific incidents, or add stand-alone investigation reports.
  • Multiple investigations can be linked together.
  • Track confidential juvenile fire setter data and additional suspect, juvenile, evidence collection, chain of custody details, and optional NFIRS 5.0 arson data.
  • Add photos to the investigation record or link to a directory of photos.

EMS/ Search & Rescue Reporting

Basic EMS reporting is included with NFIRS 5.0 Incident Reporting, and full EMS incident reporting is available individually or as part of a bundled system. The EMS module is tailored to your department’s reporting needs. It includes code set installation options for NFIRS 5.0, NHTSA, NHTSA 2.2 (NEMSIS), state specific code sets, or a local custom code set. Record validation rules are based on the selected code set.

  • Gather NFIRS 5.0 EMS incident data elements and additional data elements that are part of the expanded FH EMS incident management module.
  • Track extrication, water rescue, confined space rescue, and high-angle rescue details, and add multiple types of rescue equipment use.
  • Add multiple patients to an EMS incident.
  • Save time by automatically generating an incident narrative.
  • Comprehensive patient reporting includes response and clinical information, patient assessments, procedures, medications, and treatments, and much more.
  • Track patient insurance information and privacy policy notification.
  • There are features throughout patient reporting that are designed to save time entering records:
    • Associate measure/unit/route and instructions with specific medication codes.
    • Quickly replicate assessments, medications, and treatment details and automatically increment times.
    • Update consumable inventory while adding medications and procedures.
    • Save time by automatically generating a patient narrative from entered information.

 Occupancy, Permits, and Inspections

  • Track all occupancy information including building information, owners and contacts.
  • Associate multiple occupancies with a single property and view detail records for associated occupancies.
  • Maintain extensive preplan information, including hydrant proximity and needed fire flow calculations based on ISO.
  • Prompt to add history records any time name or building information change.
  • Issue, maintain, and batch renew permits.
  • Issue multiple permits under one permit number and link chemical inventory to a specific permit.
  • Track inspections and violations with available industry-standard violation code sets.
  • Batch schedule inspections or automatically schedule a follow up inspection when completing an inspection.
  • Link to preplan drawings, maps, and other external files.
  • Create drawings with FH Sketch Add-on Module. (Not included as part of complete bundled package.)

Staff Members, Activities, Training

  • Track a variety of information like years of service, proximity to station, phone numbers, email addresses, and insurance records.
  • Maintain confidential information with additional security controls for pay information, casualty reports, Fire and EMS certification details, EMS exposures, and insurance information.
  • Gather miscellaneous staff history records like vaccinations, issued equipment, and special skills. Prompt to add a history record any time rank or status change.
  • Track all aspects of staff training, including training hours, CEU credits, and class attendance.
  • Add as many instructors to a training record as needed.
  • Track certification status using training program records.
  • Add staff and hour or skill requirements for certifications quickly.
  • Display expiring certifications in daily reminder on start up and batch renew them.
  • Integrate and manage staff scheduling through our Staff Scheduling Add-on Module. (Not included as part of complete bundled package.)

Equipment Inventory, Maintenance, and Usage

  • Keep comprehensive apparatus, equipment, and inventory records with additional fields for specialized types of equipment and equipment maintenance, including specialized testing fields for hose, SCBA, pumps, and other types.
  • Track every aspect of inventory, like out of service equipment, consumables, and maintenance and testing details.
  • Batch schedule or complete maintenance and test detail records.

Hydrant Management

  • Complete hydrant maintenance, inspection, and repair records.
  • Track time spent maintaining, testing, and repairing hydrants.
  • Calculate flow test measurements automatically based on pressure readings.
  • Choose specific pre-set Hazen-Williams or NFPA flow test equations or establish a custom flow test equation.
  • Add flow tests and activities for multiple hydrants.
FH Desktop Add-on Modules

Staff Scheduling

The Staff Scheduling module allows you to manage personnel scheduling within FH by defining shifts and assigning specific personnel to each shift. Each staff member added to a shift can also include default information to associate with staff activities added from scheduling.

Define a schedule that includes as many shifts as needed, add personnel to each shift, then use Staff Scheduling to track vacation days, overtime, or other special categories of time. A dynamic list of shift staff members is available everywhere staff is added in FH, so the Staff Scheduling module helps speed data entry throughout FH.

Staff Scheduling is flexible enough to support exchanges when one staff member covers for another staff member in a different shift, but powerful enough to review which shift will cover a specific date years into the future. Set defaults for each staff member included in defined shifts, then create a complete activity for all shift staff with a single mouse-click. You can also view shift events on the department journal when shift coloring is enabled.

 Accounts Receivable

Cost recovery is a concern for many departments, and FH Accounts Receivable can aid your cost recovery efforts. FH Accounts Receivable is completely integrated with FIREHOUSE Software. After setting up your lookup codes, you simply use FH as you would normally, adding occupancy inspection records, permits, hydrant activities, incidents, etc. Invoices can be generated as activities are added or, when relationships between account records and specific records have been set up, can be generated via the batch generate invoices feature. Invoices can be itemized with amounts automatically added. Additional invoice items can be added as needed. 


The sketch application you’ve been asking for is here. The intuitive interface and seamless integration makes drawing, modifying, updating and exporting pre-plans simpler and easier than ever. Learn more...

FH Desktop Hardware Requirements

FH is compatible with most Windows 64-bit operating systems on new computer/server installations of Windows. Computers and servers upgraded from 32-bit systems to 64-bit systems have demonstrated problems and are NOT recommended.

  Minimum Recommended
 RAM: 512 MB Available memory 1 GB or higher
 Video: 800x600 resolution 1024x768 resolution
 Disk Space: 2 GB* free disk space 4 GB free disk space
 Operating System: Windows XP SP2  

* Depending on your workstation's configuration, you may want to consider a faster processor and additional RAM, if you are purchasing a new computer.

Note: For Novell, NT, and other networks we recommend an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) be placed between workstations and the power source.

What about FH Enterprise Hardware Requirements?

What about FH Web Hardware Requirements?

FH Desktop Add-ons

Custom imports, exports and integrated software interfaces can be added to your FH system. Here's our additional features you can introduce.

Client Testimonials about FH Tech Support

From James Mallinger, Fire Chief, Cedar Park, TX, Fire Department

“The need for tech support has been minimal but when needed, tech support gets back to us within a reasonable amount of time.”

From John Erskine, Fire Marshall, Burnet, TX Fire Department

“FH takes care of us quickly and their communication on system repairs and maintenance is really above reproach.”

From Laura Kirkland, Lake County Fire Rescue, FL

“I appreciate so much EVERYONE I have spoken with in FH these past few weeks. I am on my own here at LCFR as the FH Administrator and I couldn't have done my job if it wasn't for the help of tech support. Thank you to Diane in Triage, and thank you so much for all your help Eric!!” 

From John Hojek Jr., Fire Chief, Hometown Fire Protection District, IL

“I want to let you know Diane was a great help today. I am very inept with computer systems and my IT guy is MIA leaving me with several issues, one of which was a bad laptop. Diane took the time and walked me through every step and waited patiently as I tried to figure out what I was doing. Please take the time to tell her thanks and nice job!”

From Vicki Maxson, IT Consultant, Carol Stream Fire Protection District, IL.

"Melissa went above and BEYOND my expectations for support. She was patient and professional and provided so much information on how to use the software and correct our data. Thank you!"

Let's ask Support about it

The best ways to pursue technical support for your FH products are:

Phone Call Support:

Available from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. CT Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to noon CT Saturday by calling 800-921-5300 ext. 2. Your calls are received by our first tier support techs. On Saturday, you are prompted to leave a message, allowing the first available tech to return your call.

How does it work?

  • The support team member will spend as much as 15 minutes (roughly) to work the issue. If the tech is unable to solve your issue within the time parameters given, your call will be placed in our 2nd tier support queue for a callback. If there are no other calls pending and your 1st tier tech is able to continue resolving your issue, they will stay on the phone and continue until it is resolved or there are other pending calls.
  • If a tech team member is not immediately available there may be a wait, in which case you will have an option to continue holding OR push a button to leave a message. However, if you are down (can't use FH at all), inform us of your circumstance and your call will be given a Critical priority, meaning the next available tech will pull your call from the queue to call you.
  • If you have a paid 3rd party consultant onsite and are not down, tell your live call-in tech as well. They automatically get an Urgent priority, which is just one rung down from a Critical call. This will ensure you get the fastest support possible when it matters most!
  • If you ever want to schedule a call for a specific date/time, please call the support line, explain your issue to the tech and ask to schedule a return call for a specific time. They will then check our schedule to make sure we are not already booked at that given time. If we are, they will propose alternate times (or you can).

Email Support:

Go to to fill out a support request form or email us directly at

  • We recommend using emails for questions that are not mission critical.
  • We don't recommend emailing us to try to ask for a call at a specific time. If we don't see the email until after the time you requested a call for, then it won't be met. We always recommend speaking to a tech or using the live chat to schedule a call.