FH Mobile Preplans

You have taken a lot of time and effort to ensure that your FH occupancy records are complete. Now you can use your occupancy information while en route to the scene. FH Mobile Preplans is optimized to display or audibly read the information you need from your occupancy records while en route to scene, with large, easy-to-press buttons and flexible display options to adapt the program to your mobile PC. Display all or selected information from:

  • occupancy contacts,
  • building information,
  • needed fire flow,
  • information and alerts (preplans),
  • inspections,
  • chemicals,
  • onsite materials,
  • associated hydrants,
  • hazardous materials,
  • storage tanks,
  • attachments,
  • last occupancy update and synchronization dates.

FH Mobile Preplans is very flexible:

  • A search form lets you search by occupancy name, address, or Occupancy ID. Just type a few letters of any word or number included in the occupancy name or the address and matching occupancies are displayed.
  • You can opt to have a synthesized voice read occupancy information when an occupancy is opened for review, and even define what information is spoken.
  • You can remove data elements that are not important to your preplan review en route to scene, and modify the appearance of the FH Mobile Preplans desktop to match the mobile PC by specifying text size, and column spacing.
  • You can include all occupancy records from your FH database, or only include occupancy records from specified stations and/or districts for a specific FH Mobile Preplans installation.
  • FH Mobile Preplans can connect to FH Standard or FH Enterprise databases. For FH Enterprise databases, wireless connection support is included. If your mobile PC has a wireless connection and you open an occupancy, and the occupancy record has been modified after the FH Mobile Preplans database was synchronized with an FH Enterprise database previously, FH Mobile Preplans grabs the updated occupancy from the server.
  • You can include record attachments to view pictures and drawings attached to the occupancy record.

FH Mobile Preplans is designed to display the information you need on the go. Alternatively, FH Mobile Preplans can be used by other agencies (police, city work crews, or any agency with the need for occupancy information and with available mobile computers). FH Mobile Preplans can even be used on stationary computers by agencies outside your department. For example, your dispatch agency could use FH Mobile Preplans synchronized with your FH database to broadcast occupancy information to your responding units. This would give dispatch agencies all your FH occupancy information at their finger tips without requiring them to have a full version of FH.